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The Russian embassy in the United States urged Washington not to shift the blame for the situation around Ukraine to Moscow. This is how the department assessed the statement of the US State Department about Russia's responsibility for the escalation of tension, the response was published on Twitter.

The Russian Embassy asked the State Department not to shift the blame "from a sick head to a healthy one." "In order to de—escalate, the United States should not create an anti-Russian military bridgehead at the borders of our country," the diplomats stressed.

The diplomatic department pointed out that in order to reduce tensions in the European region, it is necessary to exclude further expansion of NATO to the East. The Russian side also called on the North Atlantic Alliance to abandon the accession of the countries of the former USSR, military cooperation with them and the use of their infrastructure for military activities.

Earlier, US State Department spokesman Ned Price urged Russia not to use false and provocative rhetoric. According to him, contrary to the statements of the Russian Defense Ministry, Russia and the forces supporting it are responsible for the escalation of tension in Ukraine.

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