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they cant proof which bank and day they send the moneythere is no posibility to send themthis is the only way to search and proofthey dont give me a proof of the deposits and i never saw the money in my account

Hi ThePogg,My username with LetsSpin casino: I recently was mailed a flyer from Letsspin.com casino that I received a free $50 to play with so I thought why not? I played and lost all $50. I was reading about their deposit and withdrawl policy and I saw that they do not require driver's license or any documentation. They only need you to make a deposit and they will withdrawl funds to the same card you use to deposit. Also, they say withdrawls are approved in one day and it takes two to three business days to show up in your account. I thought "Wow, that is different and not stressful. I'll try it out." I deposited $100. I did not do any bonus on my deposit. I got it up to $145. I decided to make a withdrawl. I entered the exact same card info I used to make the deposit and it shows withdrawl pending. That was on January 31st. Today is February 2nd and it still showed pending. I went to their live chat feature and inquired about it. They said their system was rejecting the withdrawl to the info I entered. I asked if I should cancel and resubmit and they said yes. So I did. I waited a few hours and checked again. Still pending. I tried to check a bit later......Unable to log into my account. My first thought was "Did they delete my account?" I have the password saved in my browser so there's no way I'm typing it in wrong. I thought "What the heck? I guess I'll try the forgot password just in case". Nothing shows up in my inbox. So I write them an email explaining all this and I don't hear anything back. I go to their live chat again and "" informs me their casino is having issues then abruptly leaves the chat. Very frustrated with all of this. Please let me know if you need any further info and I will provide whatever you need.Thank you for your assistance!

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