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Russian Travel Agency Services
Pradiz tour operator and travel agent

Travel Services in Russia from a Registered Tour Operator 017660

Prior and during your tour group's trip to Russia, we will make sure the tour itinerary is well planned and smooth, all expenses are minimized, hotels are top standard, tour guides are fun & professional. We will work hard to keep your guests happy & satisfied, so that they will thank YOU for an EXCELLENT service!

As a registered tour operator (reg. no. 017660), we are pleased to offer:

Accommodation within prescribed budget. Direct contracts with 3, 4 and 5 star hotels.
Tours and excursions – well planned ready-made and custom itineraries. Professional and friendly guides with 5+ years of experience in guiding and taking care of tour groups.
Transfers and transport services by business-class buses, cars and minivans.
Dining at the best restaurants in Russia and the CIS countries with any cuisine preferred.
Visa support services.
Pradiz tour operator and travel agent

https://pradiz.com/services/russian-travel-agency - Russian Travel Agency Services

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