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A slow-down in sex as a relationship progresses is nothing new – but have you ever wondered why this happens?

When a couple first meets and falls in love they can’t get enough of each other and enjoy ridiculous amounts of sex, which then turns into a regular amount of sex and then into minimal amounts over time. Here’s why…
This is probably one of the biggest excuses, and whether stress is work- or family-related, it really takes its toll on our sex lives.

Partners from the past
Research has found that the more sexual partners a person has before marriage, the lower the quality of sex, communication and relationship stability is during a marriage.

When it comes to your sex life, it’s best not to compare yours to anyone else’s.

How frequently you have sex and what you enjoy are personal, and if you and your partner are happy and enjoying the ways you have sex, then that’s all that really matters.

It’s no secret that kids can prove a death knell for the amount of sex a couple enjoys.

Interestingly, the touch from small kids who are seeking attention releases oxytocin. While this helps to bond both parents and child, it also suppresses dopamine and libido – bad news for your sex drive.

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