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Aussie dollar hits 17 year high after central bank cuts interest rate, but the currency remains weakened by supply concerns.

"When central banks raise interest rates, their intent is to stimulate consumption. What's also interesting is the response we observe: when the monetary policy rate rises, interest rates are lowered, which is a sign of weakness," said Simon Williamson from Credit Suisse in Sydney.

The dollar has now edged up against most major currencies in January and is up 11.7 percent against the euro for the month. The euro was up 0.6 percent.

The Australian dollar remains strong and has been in the black at around A$31 for about three years. But it has been more or less stuck in the red since it last traded above 12 per cent in May.

Gold has gained almost 13 percent against the US dollar since Labor won the election, but has had to bounce back against sterling amid concerns about Donald Trump's presidency and the rise of China.

A drop in the dollar was due mainly to uncertainty about the US presidential election and also a rise in Chinese imports.

China's trade surplus with the US reached $541 billion in January from $415 billion a year earlier, data showed.

"While this is a healthy sign for the dollar, the US stock market doesn't look to have been affected. If you see Chinese equities falling at a faster pace it will be difficult to justify those investors purchasing gold, and it may push a number of other countries, including the euro area and Japan, to look harder at gold as their major source of exposure," said Williamson.

Gold has been particularly important during the eurozone crisis, when bond yields plunged and the spread between yields and yields on government debt widened to close to 10 basis points.

North coast whooping cough cases jump 80%

Harmful bacteria may have contributed to an increase in whooping cough in 2016, according to research.

The study, conducted by the University of Queensland, found that while whooping cough was responsible for only one reported case of the virus in Western Australia in 2015-16, reports in other parts of Australia, particularly in Queensland, had increased.

"There have been changes in the incidence over a period of several years, as people who had previously had a cough were less likely to have had a second attack or were at a lower risk of continuing with another attack after having had the first," Dr Matthew Jones, co-author of the paper, said.

"Our analysis shows there are a large number of people in West Australia who do not have the whooping cough virus, and we have a high degree of confidence that this is because of better hygiene."

The number of hospitalisations linked to the disease jumped from 638 to 1,050 in 2016-17. There was also an increase in reported cases in Western Australia.

The University of Queensland says the study does not demonstrate the link between whooping cough and the rise in the number of whooping cough cases reported to the department during the first half of 2016-17.

"The overall increase in people whooping cough cases in WA does not provide a conclusive link between the number of whooping cough and the increase in whooping cough infections identified to the doctor," Dr Jones said.

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