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Its inaugural balls are planned by a non-partisan committee of citizen volunteers, with all costs covered by the price of admission. Corporate sponsors such as Microsoft or Bank of America sometimes pay for their own receptions beforehand for VIP-attendees, said Dan Neuhauser, president of the Governor's Inaugural Ball Committee.
"Good team win today, start with the defense," McCarthy said. "I thought they were clearly the key to our victory."
This was the third time Denver's season ended in ugly fashion since Manning switched teams in 2012.
In May, the league announced it was suspending Patriots quarterback Tom Brady four games over allegations he conspired with two Patriots equipment employees to deflate footballs below what league rules allow to give him a competitive edge in New England's victory over the Indianapolis Colts in January's AFC championship game. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell upheld the suspension on appeal, after which the quarterback, backed by NHL Jerseys Wholesale the NFLPA, sued in federal court.
It might take some time.

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