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kurt van duyn
Our assemblage engaged Mr. Kurt Van Duyn, a South African Country-wide, to frame a corporate investment hold together in the UK. He initially had satisfactory references from a US link registrar, and 2 associates, so we felt he was reliable.

His stated remuneration was $150,000, which we paid $50,000 wire remove, and $100,000 on credit cards, so there would be a thesis trail.

Mr. Van Duyn, has a registered matter office in the UK, Aggelos Ripsnorting at Antrobus Organization, 18 College Row, Petersfield, Hampshire, England, GU31 4AD, but was initially not able to take faithfulness dance-card payments and so directed us to hand over the payments directly to Mr. Phillips’ law service office, through his website, as he did disavow put index card payments.

In total, 19 payments were made to Mr. Phillips starting July 19th, to August 19th, 2019, the total being, $63,338. During this epoch, I emailed Mr. Phillips 3 times, and called and port side a declaration at his department twice, as I wanted to be sure that everything was correct. He not in any degree got away to me, and in as a matter of actual fact barely got back to me January 7th, 2020, via email, when I sent him an email saying I was wealthy to complain to the Constitution Strip, and other authorities.

Mr. Philips stated in that email that Mr. Van Duyn was his client, and he had been instructed not to state to me by his client. (Mr. Van Duyn is a last Public Prosecutor from South Africa, and conditions is in economic services) and that he, Mr. Phillips, had no conception what I was talking on every side and that as incomparably as he knew, the payments were with a view suitable diligence on a mineral project. Mr. Phillips is a adverse wound member of the bar and this story makes no sense. If we were paying him as far as something due diligence, we would have been his client.

In Oct 2019, after we had tried numerous times to try and stumble on missing what was prospering on, Mr. Van Duyn conversant with us that our calculate was not contemporary forward.

We had been told from the start that the bond was pre-sold to Mr. Van Duyn and his investors. As this went along, and nothing on any occasion materialized, the account kept changing, and became a falsehood hither a billion dollar trade they were getting paid from, which would then be used to fund the bond, which is NOT pre-sold content funds were close by as anon as the legal house of the connection was finished.
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This was all done AFTER we had paid him, and we feel our money was used quest of a “trading program” that was a scam. We asked to espy proper diligence on the “investor” but were ignored, until inexorably informed that the plan was vapid in October 2019. Mr. Van Duyn reconcile on the 5th of December, to refund the amount in full on January 6th, then nothing happened.

We do differentiate that Mr. Phillips was working in consort with Mr. Van Duyn, and his choice to retort until being informed of actions against him, is suspicious. I was told by Mr. Van Duyn, that Mr. Phillips did take a fee, for the treatment of his participation, and wired the relaxation to Mr. Van Duyn offshore. I don’t sight how a US disparaging mayhem barrister has any reach concluded being able to administer with our registered controls in the UK. I also don’t know the extent of profession the two of them had/have, as they would not reveal this information. Mr. Phillips took $63,338 of our lolly, in search something he claims he knows nothing far, and wired it offshore to a fraudulent enterprise.

A gripe has been filed with the Official Canteen of Maryland against Mr. Phillips, and as immeasurably a complaint has been filed against Mr. Van Duyn with the FCA in the UK, as he violated a variety of items with his forged practices.


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