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From the preening, bad-boy method actor hilariously played by Edward Norton to the embittered, martini-swilling New York Times critic played by Lindsay Duncan, Riggan is surrounded by people eager to tell him he’s a worthless hack. Duncan is more like a caricature of a mean-spirited and judgmental critic than the real thing, but that’s because most theater critics in the real world would be slavishly eager to wash the feet of a slumming Hollywood celeb. Riggan also has his adult daughter, Sam (Emma Stone), who is just out of rehab, his semi-forgiving ex-wife, Sylvia (Amy Ryan), and his younger girlfriend and on-stage co-star, Laura (Andrea Riseborough), to remind him that his personal life is a disaster. At the same time, Riggan is driven on by the voice of Birdman, his onetime alter ego, assuring him that his true destiny is greatness far beyond these pretentious theater losers, and that billion-dollar worldwide grosses can once again be his. At least, at first Birdman is just a voice; if you’ve seen any promotional material for this movie it’s no spoiler to say that ultimately he makes a spectacular personal appearance to drive his point home.

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There’s also a small movement underway to remove the names of slave owners from buildings on college campuses. Is it desirable — or possible — to excise these names from positions of honor? Is slave owning so entangled with white history in the United States that those efforts are futile?

These programs may be shaped by the twelve steps of the AA movement, and many of them espouse the twelve steps as fervently as any fundamentalist sect, but “a good number of the principles and original teachings of AA,” Fletcher writes, “are inconsistent with many of the ways treatment programs employ AA in practice.” AA, for example, has no formal leadership, does not charge money from participants and was intended to be non-coercive. Many twelve-step-based treatment programs, on the other hand, accept clients who have had their arms twisted in way or another, often by drug courts and other facets of the criminal justice system.

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