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Share market shrugs off us rate rise

"No surprises coming out of the OTS this morning," said Michael Phelan, head of fixed income at RBC Capital Markets. "The Fed didn't raise rates in February and then have interest rate increases in May and June. If it did rate rise in late June, it's unlikely the market will have reacted accordingly."

The biggest surprise to date for FOMC was the decision to increase the U.S. rate by 0.25%, from 0.25% in January to 0.50% in March. FOMC announced the move in the latest statement on Tuesday. It was a change from an earlier forecast of a 1% increase in rate, following the December meeting, but it was one more in a series of moves that would have led many to expect the two banks to lower or even halt the rate moves this month.

Moody's warned Tuesday evening that the "lack of market sentiment for Fed policy raises the risk that rates might rise in June."

But traders, traders

Catherine Zimrard, a portfolio manager with J.P. Morgan Asset Management in Portland, Ore., said that while it "wouldn't be surprised" to see rates rise in the next couple of days, she thinks the risk would be low.

"I think that is more of an indication that there have not been major changes in the bond market that suggest it's changed too much from December," she said.

There is a significant difference, however, between what traders are saying about the direction of the monetary policy move and what the bond market is saying about the move itself, said Daniel Kohn, an economist at Barclays Asset Management in New York.

"You can't tell you this out of the bank of course," Kohn said. "If you are a banker, it's not really your concern because all the time people say 'well we are worried about the Fed,' and when it comes down to the policy, if you really understand, you'd rather have the markets be worried than the Fed."

The move by banks and many other financial firms to hike their mortgage rates in December came at the beginning of an important run-up in stocks and the Dow Jones Industrial Average that led to an expansion of U.S. stocks and commodities to record highs.

The Fed's move

The OTS said Monday it would take immediate action to prop up the U.S. equity market and that it expected "a temporary reversal in market price momentum" through the end of the week, the first in nearly eight months. The next announcement on the Fed's bond-buying program will be at its meeting in late July.

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