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This is not spam or marketing, we are at the beginning of the journey and we're just trying to get some feedback, anything constructive would be appreciated.
CycoPay is a payment processing platform for startups & individuals.

What do we do?
We are a platform that's facilitating online payments acceptance for startups & individuals with no paper work and no time to waste.
What's our value proposition?
Instant onboarding: We let everybody in.
Tax remittance on behalf of you: We remit Tax for every single products, because we act as a reseller on every product.
API integrations & payment links.
How are we different from Stripe?
We've noticed that stripe tends to close lots of startups merchant accounts especially outside of the US.
Like them, we offer instant onboarding, however we let everybody in, without paperwork, and when suspicious activity occurs we don't close the account or suspend it but rather let the merchant prove himself.
We remit tax on behalf of you, so instead of keeping track of invoices for every order, you'll have just one at the end of the month.
Try CycoPay: https://CycoPay.com
About Us
We are CycoPay, a startup from the UK with a subsidiary in the EEA. We are an invoicing service that's enabling startups & individuals to acceptance payments via payment links or by API integrations.


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